The Inebriator!
Identity Crisis (Amaretto, Grape Juice, Coconut Rum and Peach Schnapps)

The Inebriator – Signature Cocktail
Secret mix of awesomeness spat into a glass…

(Coconut Rum, Coffee Liqueur and Milk).

Console Screen:
Original console and new console side by side, used to select cocktails.

24 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Please guys, it’s not a secret any more that youtube prevents people from watching videos because of music license issues. So why don’t you use generic music or none at all?

  2. # Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. #
    # Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot. #

    # Wouldn’t you like to get away? #

    # Sometimes you want to go… #

    ERROR – BAD CHECKSUM ERROR – #80234234654234546, 625344623444
    Contact system administrator for help…

    The bartender can’t help you right now, its got problems of its own at the moment…

  3. Hi guys I’m a mixologist from Italy and I love this machine! Is it one of a kind or do you sell this? I’m very interested.

  4. Hi Mate!! I love it!! A very clever contraption! Please let me know when your going to be selling them I defo want one!! Brill!!.

  5. I dont see the stepper motor… are you using a threaded rod to drive the drink carriage or some kind of cable and pully system? Also, how are you getting the carriage to slide so nicely aling the guide rods? Are you using just nicely drilled holes or some sort of linear bearing? BTW, VERY VERY nice work. have one for me!

  6. Hi,
    I really liked the product and would love to buy
    one for myself. I think it would be more like an asset for anyone.

    Please, please let me know if you plan to sell it.
    Till then I’ll keep visiting your page everyday 🙂

  7. Hey guys, great machine, im doing my senior project and im using an x axis like yours for my project, just wonder if you use any Shield or driver for your stepper, also what stepper did you guys use?
    im having some issues with mine…….(current and voltage), also is not moving as fast as i want to…..any idea?
    any help will be appreciated

  8. Hi
    My name is carlos from Chicago
    I really love this
    I was wondering if I can have a list of parts
    I just wanna try to see if I can do my own

  9. Hey guys. Just a thought you have a serious money maker in the works there. Did you ever consider getting it patented and then maybe take it to shark tank. An investor with the right cash would pretty much make you guys Wealthy. I would really love to see what those guys on shark tank would say and their reactions to a very well thought up idea. You have the ultimate bartender and it wont short shot you.

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