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  1. Hi,

    we run clubs and discotheque in bangalore ,would love to know more
    about the cocktail dispensing machine,send us the specs ,delivery timing,
    etc and also the pricing ,service back up etc.,

    looking forward for a reply

    • Hi, thanks for your interest. At the moment the Inebriator is just a prototype and we are currently working on a bigger better version. We will update this site as progress is made.

  2. This is so awesome, I can’t believe this site doesn’t have more comments.

    I think you should create a campaign on kickstarter.

  3. Did you machine the parts, or were you able to find them online? This seems like an awsome project for me and my engineering friends to kill some time with, but not sure where to start with some of the things like the rails.

  4. Hey, great work. I just have 2 questions.
    What kind of shot dispenser did you use and more importantly, how do you trigger them electronically ?

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  6. hahaha 🙂
    Featured in a Norwegian newspaper: http://www.sol.no/bolig/2012_09_26_15530_hvorfor-har-nesten-ingen-tenkt-pa-dette-for.html

    Would it be possible to have a second row of dispensers, and just using a sloping pipe to guide it into the cup? This would also decrease the width of the machine if you were to have the same quantity of bottles 🙂

    Another idea… One cup at each end, so that it would be able to mix two at the same time? Just need to incorporate some colision detection code. If the cup at the left side required something from the right side, it would just pause the program on the right side, and move that away to gain access to the required “raw materials” 🙂

    • Have you been sneaking peeks at designs for version two 🙂 …. two rows of optics, possibly, but with the aim to add more spirits not to make the machine smaller.

      I don’t think pouring two drinks at a time would be very easy to implement though could look really cool.

  7. okay so I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with people asking for one… here’s another haha! How much and can I get one???

  8. Seriously… I need this, right fuckin now! <3 Is it possible to get an email, if this ever goes out for sale? Cause ill be damned if anyone I know is getting one before me.. Not gonna freakin happen 😛

  9. I just happened to stumble on a picture of your product on Facebook. Are you still making them? Is there anyway to buy one? Have you looked into kick starter about funding???

    • It’s still very much a hobby project, we are still working on it, but it is unlikely we will be able to sell anything anytime soon.

  10. Hey guys,

    Nice machine! Is the whole thing made out of aluminium? That’s got to have been pretty expensive!

    Mind if I ask what the dimensions are?

    • We are not looking to commercialise them, its more a hobby project. Once V2 is completed we will try and update the site with more information to help others make their own.

  11. hello , I’m from Brazil … would like to know the technical specifications of the machine … refers come to light regarding the components used … can we talk a little about ?

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