Are you releasing a parts list?   No

Are you releasing the schematics / plans?   No

Are you releasing the source code?   No

Are you producing a how to guide?   No

Where can I buy one from?  You can’t

A bit of good news though, we are currently working on version two which should be much more polished and we are looking into our options for commercialisation. The Inebriator is our first prototype, which we just made for the fun of the challenge and all the recent interest has taken us by surprise.

New Cool Box

Perhaps not the most exciting development, but we have a new cool box! Woohoo! The original cool box was far too small and once filled with plumbed bottles there wasn’t enough room to close it which somewhat limited its effectiveness.

New Coolbox

New Cool Box

Purchased from Costco this Igloo 63 litre cool box should have ample room for 10+ bottles. To keep things simple we have decided to only use 2 litre bottles, the picture below shows 9 bottles plumbed in.
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