Most parties we have been to there is a good selection of spirits and mixers, but no one has the inclination to make cocktails. This project is designed to make it as simple as feasibly possible to get perfect cocktails every time without the hassle of looking up ingredients or measuring spirits and mixers.

Grab a glass, fill with ice, select desired drink, and a few seconds later your cocktail is ready, to finish it off give it a little stir.

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The Inebriator!

Who are we?

We are two electronics hobbyists from the UK, Ian Cooper is an electrical engineering technician and Jake Osborne is an IT consultant specialising in Identity and Access Management.

Jake does all the programming, Ian does most of the mechanics and there is a 50/50 split on the electronics front including the control system, sensors, electro-mechanical aspects, PCB design and manufacture.

Contact us:
If you wish to contact us either leave a comment on the site, or email us:

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  1. This thing is awesome! Would you mind sharing what type of valve you have under the bottles? They look a little more complicated than a regular push valve or solenoid!

    • Any chance you can share your source, or at least the cost? I have looked for this for a while for dispensing on a kegerator, and i have found that they are *expensive* – can’t imagine what it ran you to build this thing!

      • They are easy to source in the UK, they are made by Beaumont – 25ml optic, about Β£7 each. The ones we used however were sourced from ebay and have Jameson branding (which we covered with vinyl). Can’t find any more quite the same so we will probably go for plain ones if we expand.

        • I’m not sure how feasible a full end to end how to is for a project like this. It would be Immensely time consuming.

          • Honestly, with all the work you’re putting into this, I think I would rather have a “How to buy”. You deserve large piles of my money for this! Please make it happen!!!

  2. Hey guys love the project I was thinking about a project like this for some time and spotted your awsome automated bartender πŸ˜€
    I have some parts laying around and spare a Arduino so I would love to build something similar for friends and fun.
    Great work guys!!!

    If i have some questions can I e-mail you?

    • This is an idea we toy’d with early on, as well as some other ideas on cooling. I can see the advantage, especially in a commercial application where it would be used daily. The downside is that it would push up the cost and complexity massively. In the mean time we will stick with the cool box, whilst we work on some other aspects of the machine.

  3. Great work! This is one of the best inventions I’ve seen this year πŸ™‚

    Just out of interest, how much did the machine cost to make roughly (sans alcohol)?

  4. I just will make one change on this device; no selection buttons panel, just a fortune roulette πŸ˜‰ I am kidding… Great idea, great job, congratulations, and please let me know when we can get one for home.

  5. I bar tend at a bar that’s currently looking for a nichΓ© in the market. I think this would definitely draw more customers in. If the price was right – I’d even buy one for my own home. Are you interested in replicating and selling the product?

  6. Now you just need an app to queue up orders for drinks from your iPhone like the dj feature in remote with iTunes and an automatic glass dispenser and a parking lot for the drinks with labels on them Then you have a crazy party!

  7. Nice one!
    I went to a technical highschool in Germany and we had to build and code a household machine. We also did a Cocktailmachine. But instead of “real” parts we had to use Lego with the RCX module of Lego Mindstorms. It was quite a task. We used the Lego pneumatics pumps to get airpressure in our bottles and the Liquid out. Your solution seems nicer and easier πŸ˜€ I wish you guys luck with the Inebriator! Hope you make it to small scale series!

  8. Hi, When will the V2 be ready and will it be available for purchase as i own a bar in the uk and think this would be a nice addition to Business. Also how much will it cost. please reply asap.

  9. Whereabouts (in the world) are you guys located? I am only asking because I may want you to talk to you about another similar project.

  10. Hey! Awesome project, I am currently building a similar system with a tablet interface. One piece we are still deciding on is the bottle to valve connectionss s is there any chance you can share how you solved that problem?

    I’d love to chat,. Thanks

    • Alrate Craig! Sadly v2 wont be ready for nye, but hopefully there will be some entertaining tweaks to v1 to keep us all occupied, all else fails we’ll get Ian to do a jig!

  11. You could make a fortune renting / selling these to hotels + bars, having just started working at the Hilton behind the bar the cocktails take up a lot of time when you are dealing with a lot of customers, especially at Christmas parties! Not only that, they look amazing (the lights etc) and that alone would draw customers in to buying a cocktail to see it in action resulting in the bars wanting these for the profit factor, a simple 2-4 week trial or so to show that it’s effective and boom.

    You guys are amazing, keep up the work!

  12. Okay are you guys in manufacturing of this device yet? I would spend a good sum on your creation… Can you send me some details


  13. Hi,

    I wanted to let you know your Arduino project has been added to a list of 20 Arduino projects of 2012 published on Nudatech’s blog ( http://www.nudatech.com/blog/20-arduino-projects-of-2012/ ).

    Please let me know if there’s any mistake in the short note I wrote about it and if the link I chose for it is the right one.
    Obviously sharing the list on social networks, blogs and forums is also appreciated πŸ™‚


    • There is an arduino mega 2560 on the back of the machine, this controls all the low level mechanics. And there is a .NETMF board (Fez Panda 2) in the console which does all the high level cocktail code and menu system. These are communicate over a serial connection with a custom communication library. There is bit more info in the “New Console” post.

  14. I absolutely love this machine, and have been inspired to make my own version (when I can find space to put it!). I’ve already started writing a basic Windows program for an old laptop which will be the controller. My cocktails are stored in an XML and will be available in the drinks list only if the spirit or mixer is loaded into the machine, and there is enough of it left. I thought about adding a wireless connection and writing an app for mobile devices, but figured the user will have to be next to the machine to put on a glass…

    What spec stepper did you use? It’s quite hard to visualise just how much torque is required to pull a full glass along a track. Also, if the unit is powered down with the carriage in the middle of the track (for some reason), you’d need a way of getting the carriage back to the registration point. Did you use micro-switches to stop the carriage from trying to push past the edges of the frame, or maybe just use the Arduino program memory to store the current offset?

    By the way, I don’t think that you should post the schematic or source code, after all, it’s all part of the fun, right?!

    • Had you considered using disposable cups in a tube with a couple of actuator controlled grippers to drop a single cup onto the tray, and a measured ice dispensing hopper before you start dispensing fluid?

  15. This project is so amazing that we decided to build one too. We are pupils from Germany and buiding it for a school project. Is it possible that you give us the source code that we can see how you made it?

    If our “Arduino-Bar” is complete we would give response and send you pictures and videos.

    Regards Marco

    • That thing is awesome! love it! wish I had the funds to be able to build something like that.

  16. My friend, how can I get in contact with you? I really want to market your product in south America when available… Thanks and regards,

  17. Loving the inebriator. A friend & I want to open a cafe bar. This would be amazing. Any update on availability for purchase and rough price? Inebriator well wishes!


  19. I’m interested to buy one of these thing at any price and i’m dead serious.

    Is there a list where we can give our email so when the product is ready to be sold we get a notification?

  20. Hey great machine I would love one here in Alaska please let me know when I could buy one thanks keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  21. Want to buy two (one for a friend). Please make a price known.

    In US we have a show called ‘Shark Tank’ where would-be Entrepreneurs present their concepts or products to a panel of potential investors. Please apply.

  22. I am interested in getting my brother The Inebriator for his birthday. How would I purchase one of these for him?

  23. hello, I’m very interested in making something similar, I don’t want a how to really (because half the fun is figuring it out on your own!) but could you please give me a estimated cost of production to know if its something I could afford to do? thank you!

  24. This thing is amazing! You guys are going to be super rich! I would like 2 please! Willing to pop up to Yorshire to see it in action πŸ™‚

  25. sir which motors have u used for non aerated drinks and juices. have u use different motors for both. plz mention the complete name of motor. i would be thankful to you.

  26. Something like this needs to be mass produced. I don’t have the know how to build this, but I would definitely be willing to spend wads of cash on it.

  27. Hi man! I really love this project and really interested make same kind machine. Do you have anywhere some kind of manual how to do it or someting? I worked before at the bar and i know they maybe want one of those, but somebody no. Somewhere they need it and i see how it easy to sell this kind of machine. I would like to learn for yourself to do the same kind of device , that is why I ask directions.What i want more for that, i will add a touch screen controller.

    • Not at the moment, the little time we have is spent trying to complete V2, we are getting close now. Once completed we may start running some articles on certain aspects, however it is unlikely there will ever be full designs released.

  28. First of all, even if I’m not a fan of alcohol, I loved your idea a lot. Congrats for doing such an amazing work:)
    I’m a electronics student and this year I’m going to present my final project, so I’ve decided to do a similar machine.
    I have a couple of questions ( It will be great if you can answer me before the next friday)
    -How much time did it take you to finish it? (The basic parts at least)
    – Do you think I could do a small / basic version with an arduino uno? Or it has to be necessarily done with the Arduino Mega?
    – Any advice / precaution / safety tips you could give me?
    Those are all the questions I can think right now. Thanks a lot for sharing your project with all of us:) I seriously hope to see more of your work:D
    If everything goes well, I’ll give you credits during my expo, so you can have more promotion.
    (P.s. English is not my first language, so please excuse me if I’ve any error)

    • Hi

      Best of look with your project, hope it goes well.

      -Time wise, it took three months for v1, with two of us working many long nights. I would have thought something similar would be doable for a final year project.
      -There is no reason why you cant start with an UNO, you may struggle with the number of IOs, and flash memory. Personally I would start with a mega or even a due if you can.
      -Normal safety precautions should be followed for this kind of project. If you plan to use a pressurised system for mixers then be sure you know what you are doing. One thing we are looking at is to use pumps instead of a pressurised system for mixers, this is something that would vastly simplify the whole machine, though we haven’t done much testing yet.

      We hope to show more videos and photos of v2 in the next few months.

  29. Hi
    That project is so wonderful.. so, I’ll do a similar machine for my project maturity (the last year of high school in Italy). The question is: without using many photoelectric sensors, how do you stop the runner, where you put the glass, down to the bottle?
    Thank you!

  30. this machine is good, in this moment iΒ΄m making one similar. what kind of controllers use for the step motors and is possible that explain me how play the juice system? Greetings from Colombia

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