Version 2 video!

We’ve been enjoying testing The Inebriator Version 2 over the last couple months, and finally remembered to actually video it:

Most notable changes:

  • 16 optics in two layers – The carriage has been redesigned (twice) to allow for another axis of movement. This has allowed us to mount two rows of bottles with Beaumont spirit measures.
  • Switching mixers from a pressurised system with valves to using pumps – This slows the pouring, but vastly simplifies the machine as a whole. We have a capacity for 16 pumps
  • Addressable LEDs – There is a total of 132 in use currently, 4 in each bottle holder, 36 in the drip tray and 32 for the rfid reader. We’ve tried not to over do their use in terms of tacky multi colour sequences and keep it simple.
  • New console – The console housing has been redesigned to be mounted on the frame, plus the RFID reader has been incorporated into it. The .netmf board has been upgraded to the Fez Panda 3 which is generally quicker and has more memory than the v2 which is useful for the xml processing and collections in use.
  • Hall effect sensors – All micro switches have been replaced with hall effect sensors and magnets. There is still some work to be done here to mount the magnets better.