Completed Drinks Tray

Hello, its been a long time since we updated, and that’s mainly due to both of us being extremely busy with our day jobs. There has however been some progress and this is partly facilitated by our new CNC machine. The CNC was purchased from ebay and so far we have been extremely impressed with the machine.

The first thing we made for The Inebriator was the new glass tray which will hold the glass whilst the drink is being dispensed. The glass tray also needs to house the LED ring to allow for some nice lighting affects.


The tray was made with 3 layers of acrylic. The top and bottom layer are 5mm black acrylic. The central layer is 15mm clear acrylic. The center layer has an inner circle cut out to hold the glass, plus another circular channel 12mm deep to house the LED ring. These layers are then simply screwed together. The machining of the clear acrylic leaves a slightly rough finish which works quite well to help diffuse the LED light.


Without top layer

In Place

12 thoughts on “Completed Drinks Tray

  1. Looking good, Keep up the good work!

    I’ve been thinking of creating a machine similar to yours and was wondering if you’ve come up with a solution to dispense soda without it becoming flat? We think we’ve sorted out everything else, but would love to have some nice carbonated mixers.

    • Sadly No, not yet, we have pretty much come to the conclusion that the only way to do it is with an expensive professional syrup/post mix system like used in bars and restaurants.

      • What about using a corny keg for either premixed soda, or just the carbonated water? The syrup could be pump or pressure driven?

        • it seems the only way is to use a post mix system like restaurants and bars. However this isn’t cheap, or easy, and would make maintanance even more complicated.

  2. I love the upgraded LED’s it really adds to the appeal of the machine.

    I’ve been following this project for a while and I was curious as to wether you had a commercial machine in mind or if this would always be just a hobby for you guys?

    • We’ve not ruled out anything for the future, but at the moment we are treeting it as a hobby project. Every now and again we review our position on this, but at the moment we don’t think it is viable to commercialize. At some point we may start opening up the source and some of the designs but no promises at the moment.

    • It was one of the cheap “6040” cnc’s off ebay from china, we paid around £1200. We are very happy with it so far and are having a lot of fun making little things that would have been nigh on impossible for us without it. Hopefully in the next month or so I will be able to post some pictures of one of our distraction projects (also drinking related, in fact, think we already put a photo on facebook)

    • We simply dont have the time or skills to develop it fully, we both have careers that are extremely demanding on our time.

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