Glass Tray LED Ring

We’ve been working hard recently on the electronics and control system for Version 2 and thought we would share the LED ring we have made for the drinks tray.

This will illuminate the glass and drinks tray, it is made from two strips of 18 WS2812 RGB LEDs back to back. Each LED is individually controllable with PWM. The advantage of using these strips is that we can interface it with just 3 wires: 5V, ground, and one data pin.

The video shows shows it running a basic test sequence from an Arduino nano using the FastSPI library.

LED Ring Illuminated

LED Ring

15 thoughts on “Glass Tray LED Ring

    • Yeah it uses an arduino nano, updated post, it uses the FastSPI library. Currently the FastSPI library doesn’t support the Arduino Due (which will be used in the Inebriator V2) but there is an adafruit library that does.

  1. Hello,
    we are four French students in electronic terminal, and we need to do a project throughout the year. We are interrested by your machine cocktail. Would it be possible for you to send us your Arduino program. We need it for the degree. Thank you in advance and we apologize for our terrible English.

          • Hm, I have to agree with the slightly rude opinion.

            I’m just about to start with soldering, arduino programming and all that complicated stuff. It’s all new and overwhelming, and finding that project by conincidence I felt that this would be a good place to start – So I’m disappointed that I can’t, seeing that I would never manage to program that from scratch.

            I’m sure you’ve started at one point in your life. And I’m close to sure that the code cannot be all too complicated or unique, ie pros surely could replicate it. You’re not really protecting your work; sharing it in the first place should give smart people the chance to replicate it fully. But beginners like me are lost and have to look further. 🙁

          • I appreciate where you are coming from with this, and you are right, with the right resources we have done nothing that pro’s could not replicate or more likely improve upon. It is something we review from time to time and we have ruled out nothing for the future of the project.

          • Sure it is anybodies right to not share code, but one cannot help but wonder what the purpose then is of publishing the project at all… other than showing: “hey look what i can do”

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  3. Now then lads how is tricks?

    Any recent updates on V2 as I check on progress from time to time?

    Hope you are well..

    Much love from sunny Oz

    Craig n Kristy

    • Hey Craig, how’s oz life treating you? progress is slowly being made, we have finally bought ourselves a cheap cnc machine so are able to knock out some of the more custom parts alot easier and quicker now. Just for you, I intend to put an update on the website this weekend. Take care mate!

      • Live in Oz is grand so far, although it is now winter and an incredible 20degC!
        CNC machine sounds good. I know Ian was on about getting one for a while..
        Have fun mate and make sure it’s ready for when we are back next May!

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