V2 update!

Following the recent flood of interest we’ve been motivated to actually do some work. We still don’t have any price or availability information on commercialisation, however over the weekend we have made some good progress on the build…

Thanks for all the positive feedback, we hope to keep updates a bit more regular as we complete the build for version 2.

13 thoughts on “V2 update!

  1. Hello from Russia. There are orders for 18 units. We are waiting for the price and terms possible deliveries.

  2. Nice work! I would really appreciate it if you could describe what you used for the linear rail, it looks really smooth. Whenever I’ve tried anything with a threaded rod it’s been really shaky and not very successful.

    • they explained in the comment section fo the technical stuff section.
      They use a pulley system with a stepper motor.
      That’s about it. In my opinion, it is something like:
      a pulley belt locked at both ends and tensioned. then the central platform has a stepper motor with a cogged wheel which touches the pulley and probably two rollers to keep constant contact between pulley and cog. when the stepper motor turns, it moves the platform.
      you insert acceleration and deceleration and you’re done.
      I’m actually planning to start building something similar this summer.
      I’ve just stumbled onto some optics and stepper motors. I have a few controller laying around so if the time will allow I hope I will manage. Anyhow, until Christmas I want one. I am considering Open-Sourcing the final design, but its going to be hard as I’m using Texas Instruments DSPs (I can order free samples, compared to arduino which is kind of too expensive for what it can do, I am stil a student and wouldn’t really like to spend to much money on this as I am not sure that I will manage to pull it to the end (I’m trying to source everything on the cheap/free as most things are expensive in denmark or I don’t know where/how to get them since I’m not native. fx: CO2 tanks are extremely expensive, so I will consider peristaltic pumps and I would really like to somehow use carbonated drinks).
      Although it would be nice if the authors would try to explain the system/hardware a little better, I managed to get some ideas.

  3. Brosephs…

    Just do a kickstarter and push it on Facebook.. It will take off like wildwire… McLovin’s page just shared the picture you guys have of it… which is what I saw and clicked through.

  4. It’s a super interesting project. I’m building some makerbeam and arduino based machines myself. Just prototypes for now. Perhaps you can post us a parts list, so i can help you document the build steps and you might be able to sell kits. I would need some parts for building something like this. Wher did you buy the hoses, pumps, couplers ( for the bottles) ?

  5. Although soms automatic cocktail machines can be found, i havent seen them this small making it much easier to commercialize to small F&B or even consumers. If you guys are going to kickstart it, I would love to know.

    But I’m definitly going to follow your project anyways,

    Keep up the good work

  6. Hiya, was wondering where the information for the software to drive a raspberry pie.

    Or I can get the software or knowelege to build the software.

    hope you can help and looks right up my street to do a as project.

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