V2 Frame!

We have our new bespoke frame! it’s taken us a while to source it, professional fabricators wanted exorbitant fees to make what we thought would be quite simple. Fortunately we were able to persuade a friend to make it for us. We are happy to say he has done a brilliant job.

Progress on the project should start to accelerate now, and we hope to bring lots of new photos and videos of progress in the new year.

V2 Frame

6 thoughts on “V2 Frame!

  1. Why not use Openbeam or some other standard extrusion?
    Are you using systolic pumps for the soda water & cola at the left end?

    • We have considered extrusion systems, it’s something I’m sure we’ll visit again. No systolic pumps, just optics for for spirits, and valves for mixers.

  2. I’ll be making this a clone of this frame with makerbeam(.eu) then i will put the results online. I’m trying to make it as open-source as possible, with parts that can be bought from many online webshops. If you want to help with the progress, please do so.

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