New console in action

Last weekend we had a small gathering to put the new console/control system through its paces. The new console is vastly different to the original, in that it runs on a .NETMF board, which sends commands to the Arduino Mega which handles the low level mechanics. It is a much more complicated set up but allows programming in c# which I find much easier to do complicated stuff with than C++ (such as XML processing).

It works!

I am very pleased to be able to say it worked flawlessly and a complete success. A total of 60 cocktails served, once again Identity Crisis was by far the most popular. Here’s a video in action:

13 thoughts on “New console in action

  1. Hello, I am a student in the US who is currently taking a course in C#. I saw The Inebriator from a post on Imgur. I came to this website and noticed that you programmed the whole thing in C#. I am aspiring to program and I think that your project would be an fun way for me to learn the C# language, as well as, dabble in some mechanics. I was wondering if I could pick your brain about how you developed your programming to flow with the mechanics.

    • Only when we initially tested with water, never had an issue with alcohol. In the UK optics are used in most pubs and they are extremely reliable.

  2. I was wondering, could you explain how your mechanism for opening the optics works? It works pretty well and looks good. It looks like a DC motor you have mounted on the side. How are you using it to push up?

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