2 thoughts on “P1000811

  1. Hi, awesome machine you built!
    The newer control you made, i understand that its made with a VFD display instead of a regular LCD, but how have you made the nice look on it? i can’t tell when the display ends and the cover starts. is it a dark glascover over it or how have you made that nice look?

    Cant you take a photo or video right from above the control? I think your new control looks really nice!

    Greetings from Sweden!

    • The front of the console is a piece of dark tint acrylic (sometimes called neutral transparent acrylic), it doesn’t let alot of light through so appears black, the VFD is just mounted behind it. With a screen like a VFD or OLED that has a high contrast ratio and emits light it will shine through brilliantly as if its just one big screen so you get a nice neat borderless effect. Works brilliantly and I’ve used it on a few projects (I really should post some of my other projects).

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