New Console

This is the new console. The original console was always meant to be temporary, it’s just taken us a while to get round to make something more in keeping with the look of The Inebriator.

This is the console that will be used in V2, it is a bit different to the original. It uses a 20×2 character VFD, rotary encoder and a .NET micro framework board (a fez panda 2). We have made a custom board that slots onto the .net board (like an arduino shield) to break out the required IO ports to IDC connectors. I like IDC connectors alot and they will feature heavily in version two to help keep cabling neat and tidy.

Why use a .NET board I hear you a scream, what’s wrong with an Arduino? well not much, arduino’s are great, and we will continue to use one to drive the electronics, but I found it a bit of a pain programming the menu system and cocktail lists in C and I am much more proficient at object oriented programming in Java and c# so it made sense to give a .NET board a go.

The Fez Panda 2 has a micro SD card slot on board which we will be using to store the mixer, spirit and cocktail lists in an XML format. It will also be used as a logger. It will communicate with the arduino using serial. I’m currently writing the code for this and hopefully will have it all working in version 1 in the next couple of weeks.

The ultimate aim for The Inebriator is to use an android tablet as the interface, either using bluetooth or the Android ADK. Once the serial communication is completed in the Arduino control system it should be pretty easy to do this. Tablets are available so cheaply now it makes sense to use them as the interface for projects like this.

Finally a video:

4 thoughts on “New Console

  1. Forget the console
    Apple/Andriod apps, where you can log in at “gathering” and make drinks remotely.
    Better yet from a digital menu at restrurant, instant drink order.
    you need to add a glass dispenser, and “conveyor” that lables what its made untill the glass is removed from the tray (conveyor).

    contact me for ideas.

  2. I want to buy a the inebriator but i just cherche on google and cant find a store to purchase one, how can i do to purchase one of those? is there a store on portugal to buy one of those?

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