Are you releasing a parts list?   No

Are you releasing the schematics / plans?   No

Are you releasing the source code?   No

Are you producing a how to guide?   No

Where can I buy one from?  You can’t

A bit of good news though, we are currently working on version two which should be much more polished and we are looking into our options for commercialisation. The Inebriator is our first prototype, which we just made for the fun of the challenge and all the recent interest has taken us by surprise.

40 thoughts on “FAQs

    • These guys must have put hours upon hours designing and programming this.

      I hope you do commercialise this project, would be awesome to see this at my local (Three Horseshoes)

      Congrats on hitting ebaumsworld 🙂

    • We have not entirely ruled out open sourcing the project, but we certainly will not be releasing any code, designs, schematics or part lists any time soon. Open source and commercialisation does not need to be mutually exclusive, Arduino is a good example of that. Whether open source is suited for The Inebriator or not is another question. Either way, there is a lot of work for us to do in standardising the components used and altering the design to make it easier to produce and maintain.

      • While it’s true that Arduino is a pretty good example of how OSHW and commercialization don’t have to be mutually exclusive, it’s worth reminding you that Arduino does, actually, release their schematics, design files, and software. SparkFun is another example of a commercially-successful hardware development company whose business model doesn’t require source closure.

        Also, consider carefully that some of the licenses associated with the Arduino platform, libraries, and software environment may require you to release some of this information.

        • Yup, there is a lot to consider. I refer you to http://arduino.cc/en/Main/FAQ which clearly defines what you can and can’t do with regards to commercialision of products using arduino. In it’s current design there is nothing we are required to release. Nothing has been ruled out though, in the mean time we are going to continue doing what we enjoy, which is finishing version 2 and testing … lots and lots of testing 🙂

    • Not nice? Are you kidding? These guys sank their own time into this project, if they don’t want to open source it, then you should respect that decision. If you want to make your own, get designing and stop trying to emotionally blackmail people.

    • this thing is absolutely the shit, think all young people would love this in their homes, hope to see it in our markets soon, good job!

  1. I really like this. I did a little bit of pricing of parts from what I can see here, and have put it at about $900-$1000 to build. Meaning, it would be an expensive buy for just normal at home consumer use. With that said, I would still probably buy one from you for home use if you DID start selling them.

    • 900$ no way…. 250 – 300$ Stepper Motor w/ some pullys . some rails. 1 servo with rack and pinion….
      im gonna rip this off for half the cost
      the liquor prolly cost more then the build

  2. If you were looking into commercialization, you might look into sponsorship from NFL, NCAA, ect. It could be sold as a high-end tailgating product.

  3. Guys, lot of sites are showing this machine, and everybody that see it, wants to know how to buy one… so I think you must consider to build and distribute around the world! Just for you to understand, I´m writing from Brasil, and this machine is a success!! Nice idea and congrats to you all!!

  4. It would be cool to add some sort of reader/tag combo (maybe RDIF) so that, with some programming, the machine could tell what liquor was in it and change it’s programmed options accordingly. Direct input would work too of course.

  5. I think you are so stupid not to open source this.
    I bet in 5 years you sit with a failed startup and anger in your head.
    ANd the best part is that you actually use an arduino for the brain.

    You are realy stupid blackboxing it.

    • Wow, really? The only ‘stupid’ person here is you. Why would you call someone stupid for not releasing schematics and source code? If they ever wanted to sell one, not saying they will, but if, then they would have no reason to release info on it. Windows doesn’t release their source, PlayStation and Xbox don’t release how to make their products, and why should they? And yes, I do realize you posted this almost two years ago.

  6. Sounds like I have a new project, especially if people don’t like to open source an otherwise awesome idea that would be a great learning experience for those getting into arduino.

    Unfortunate really, but I will post again once I have a prototype I can publicize.

    • We wish you the best of look, we’ve had great fun making this machine, and even more testing it… I fully recommend it to anyone that has the skills and inclination, and have even more respect for those prepared to open source all their hard work.

  7. Seriously guys i will buy one of these at the right price. Just let me know how much. And work out the postage and packaging.

    • the problem is the ‘right price’ bit… thinking of doing a survey soon to get an idea for what people are actually prepared to pay for such a machine, I get the feeling the two numbers wont align

  8. Add me to your contact list when your ready to sell this amazing work of art. Or if your interested in some research funding in exange for a prototype gift!

  9. This is an amazing machine!! I have shared your website and I have so many friends that would love to buy one of these!!!!

  10. You guys make it seem like undergraduate-level engineering is novel and worthy of commercialization. Further, you can go ahead and continue being selfish with the idea. This will just prompt the 20 other people staring at this post to push for patent protection first. Remember, “first-to-file” is the law of the land now.

    • This is a hobby project first and foremost, we are looking into many options, but at our own pace. Also, there is a lot more to patent law than “first-to-file”, you may want to look at “Prior Art”, nothing we have shown on this website or in our videos can be validly patented by us or anyone else.

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