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    • I would like to hear about this as well. I know you used a stepper motor, but I would like to hear how you geared it, and the track that you used. how you controlled slowing on the Arduino etc.


      • I want two of these “Inebriators” how do I buy them? I just bought a home here in florida-and we got a celler in it, with a bar and wine celler would love to have this in my celler bar area and then want one in my bar out side bye the pool! So how do I buy one? My info. is up above-so please I get them in my home and all our customers and friends will be wanting 1 too!

  1. HI!

    Sweet! I am building something similar, but i cant achieve such high speed as yours. What servo are you using? Can you provide a link? PLEEEEASE! 🙂

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