New Cool Box

Perhaps not the most exciting development, but we have a new cool box! Woohoo! The original cool box was far too small and once filled with plumbed bottles there wasn’t enough room to close it which somewhat limited its effectiveness.

New Coolbox

New Cool Box

Purchased from Costco this Igloo 63 litre cool box should have ample room for 10+ bottles. To keep things simple we have decided to only use 2 litre bottles, the picture below shows 9 bottles plumbed in.



One great feature of this cool box is the inclusion of drain plug at the bottom, this plug conveniently unscrews and leaves just enough room for nine 6mm mixer lines, and one 4mm gas line. As we expand and add more mixers we will increase this hole as required.

To mount the regulator, cut off valve and driver we have fixed a mounting panel into the existing mount points for the included retractable handle.

Coolbox Mounting Panel

Cool Box Mounting Panel

Finally, with a little spiral wrap we have grouped the lines together for a much tidier run to the mixer valves at the back of The Inebriator.

Valve Board

13 thoughts on “New Cool Box

  1. Really awesome project!
    Could you describe how the pressure part is made exactly?
    How did you make the bottle caps airtight?
    What parts did you use?


  2. The actuator is made from some aluminium box section, DC motor, and a rack and pinion. The bottle lids are a pain and currently bodged, looking for a better solution.

  3. I am a sales rep for a Metal fabricator in Cleveland Ohio if you need and help with prototypes and laser-cut components once you are ready send me a email with your contact info and i will call you look really cool

  4. Not as cheap, but you should consider using a mini fridge for your cold box. The plumbing could be passed through a cut and sealed hole in the rear (being careful to not hit freon lines of course). I know many people who have done kegorator conversions in a similar manner.

  5. I am realizing your machine for a project in my school but we do not find a pump / valve corresponding to your photos, is it possible to send me a link of these ?

  6. Hello. Im doing some experiments with something like this. But i was wondering what kind of tubing you were using between the bottles and the valves?
    Im using pvc air tubing, and the problem with that is, when you let soda through the tubing, almost all the CO2 is gone from the soda. ?

    • Hey, we have the same problem, we are looking into feasible solutions but in the mean time we have chosen not to use carbonated mixers.

      • Hi Folk!

        Since I’ve seen your project I’ve lauch myself in a very similar projet of my own. For the soda you could “input” fresh CO2 gas before pouring it using en Y connector and a one way valve on the CO2 supply, I think this may work. I will try when I will get my CO2 tubbing setup!

        Best arduino project ever!!


  7. Whats going on with that board feeding the solenoid valves? Is each valve directly controlled by a pin-out on the mega board?

    • No, we are using two shift registers with transistors to drive the solenoid valves. This is to reduce the number pins required on the arduino. Also, if we want to add more than 16 mixers we can simply daisy chain another board to it with minimal effort.

  8. Good Afternoon.
    I wonder where I can get the actuators to take the drink from the bottle. Those who have blue pieces on the picture posted above.

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