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  1. This thing is undeniably awesome! I was discussing it with a buddy, and we were thinking that you could do something similar with a beer pouring machine. It could know what beer was in each tap and what pressure it was under, then adjust the tilt of the glass as it pours to get just the right amount of head.

    • Try the second video “voodoo” on the videos page, don’t think that one is blocked. All new videos will be posted without music.

  2. Wow! That is awesome! You could get rich installing these in clubs and private basements. I can see it now… Franchises and inebriation vans dispensing at concerts and other outdoor events! Man that would be sweeeet! (Oh yes and “One please”). I can beta test it for you!

  3. Patent that and sell it, you are on to something big time that could revolutionize the bar scene or even the home bar. I’d be down for one $500 – $1000!

  4. Yeahh man so sweet!! i am from the netherlands and i aprove the inebriator 😛

    just like johnny said : drop it on kickstarter!!

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