Quick update

It’s been over a year since our last post, how time flies when you get old. The project is still going albeit as a hobby project. Sorry to dissapoint anyone hoping to purchase one, we simply dont have the time to develop it to a commercial standard. In the coming weeks/possibly months, we should be able to share photos and videos of V2 in action, its long overdue. We are currently trying to tidy up some loose ends that prevent us from running it fully.

Completed Drinks Tray

Hello, its been a long time since we updated, and that’s mainly due to both of us being extremely busy with our day jobs. There has however been some progress and this is partly facilitated by our new CNC machine. The CNC was purchased from ebay and so far we have been extremely impressed with the machine.

The first thing we made for The Inebriator was the new glass tray which will hold the glass whilst the drink is being dispensed. The glass tray also needs to house the LED ring to allow for some nice lighting affects.

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Glass Tray LED Ring

We’ve been working hard recently on the electronics and control system for Version 2 and thought we would share the LED ring we have made for the drinks tray.

This will illuminate the glass and drinks tray, it is made from two strips of 18 WS2812 RGB LEDs back to back. Each LED is individually controllable with PWM. The advantage of using these strips is that we can interface it with just 3 wires: 5V, ground, and one data pin.
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V2 update!

Following the recent flood of interest we’ve been motivated to actually do some work. We still don’t have any price or availability information on commercialisation, however over the weekend we have made some good progress on the build…

Thanks for all the positive feedback, we hope to keep updates a bit more regular as we complete the build for version 2.


Over 20,000 unique visitors in the last 24 hours! a combination of a post on reddit and a facebook group has raised a lot of interest in our little hobby project.

A very quick update…. we are still working on The Inebriator, albeit slowly…

Thanks for all the emails and comments, we will reply to as many as we can as soon as we can, and we will aim to post more frequent updates.

V2 Frame!

We have our new bespoke frame! it’s taken us a while to source it, professional fabricators wanted exorbitant fees to make what we thought would be quite simple. Fortunately we were able to persuade a friend to make it for us. We are happy to say he has done a brilliant job.

Progress on the project should start to accelerate now, and we hope to bring lots of new photos and videos of progress in the new year.

V2 Frame

New console in action

Last weekend we had a small gathering to put the new console/control system through its paces. The new console is vastly different to the original, in that it runs on a .NETMF board, which sends commands to the Arduino Mega which handles the low level mechanics. It is a much more complicated set up but allows programming in c# which I find much easier to do complicated stuff with than C++ (such as XML processing).

It works!

I am very pleased to be able to say it worked flawlessly and a complete success. A total of 60 cocktails served, once again Identity Crisis was by far the most popular. Here’s a video in action:


Are you releasing a parts list?   No

Are you releasing the schematics / plans?   No

Are you releasing the source code?   No

Are you producing a how to guide?   No

Where can I buy one from?  You can’t

A bit of good news though, we are currently working on version two which should be much more polished and we are looking into our options for commercialisation. The Inebriator is our first prototype, which we just made for the fun of the challenge and all the recent interest has taken us by surprise.